Ricardo Morin

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American, born in Venezuela (1954); lives in Manhattan and works in his atelier located in Jersey City.


1998 - “Ricardo Morin and Niccolo Cataldi” curated by Barbara Hunt and presented by Visual AIDS at Saint Mark’s Church, New York, NY

1992 - “Paintings by Ricardo Morin: NYC Series 1992” curated by artist Carlos Zerpa; Gallería Venezuela; New York, NY

1980 - “Buffalo Series 1980” curated by Ricardo Morin, Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, NY

1979 -“Buffalo Series 1979” (thesis show) curated by academic advisor, artist Seymour Drumlevitch, Alamo Gallery, State University of New York at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY

1976 - “Artworks by Ricardo Morin” curated by academic advisor, artist James Jipson; Villa Maria College, Buffalo, New York



2009 – “In the Flesh” curated by Hong Kong artist Jo-ey Tang; February Visual AIDS Gallery on the Web @ TheBody; New York City, NY

2006 - “Unusual Portraits” curated by Jim Furlong; Hudson Guild, Gallery II; New York, NY

- “The Male Portrait” curated by Richard Renaldi; December Visual AIDS Gallery on the Web @ TheBody; New York City, NY

2005 - “Release” curated by Laurie A. Cumbo and Kimberly E. Gant; MOCADA Museum; Brooklyn, NY

2004 - “The Election Show,” (open call) University Galleries at Illinois State University, Normal, IL

2000 - “Lightbox: A Traveling Exhibit” curated by Stefanie Nagorka and Sur Rodney; first launched on the web in December’s Visual AIDS Gallery @ TheBody, as well as displayed at the Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ; and later at the Robeson Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ through January 2001

1999 - “Taken-UP” curated by Ricardo Morin, and commissioned by Visual AIDS, the Actors’ Fund of America & the HIV Arts Network and Dancers Responding to AIDS: an art exhibition celebrating the Fourth Annual AIDS & Arts Conference at Judson Memorial Church; NY, NY.

- “Reflections: Seven Artists” curated by Ricardo Morin; March Visual AIDS Gallery on the Web @ TheBody; New York City, NY

1994 - “XIV Salón Municipal de Pintura: Homenaje a Carlos Cruz Diez” Galería Municipal de Arte; juried by: Alexis Blanco; Natalia Afanasiev; Pedro Báez; and Emilio Agra. Alcaldía de Maracay, Venezuela

1990 - “Homenaje a Paez” curated by Venezuelan Cultural Attaché Lyda Aponte de Zacklin; Galería Venezuela; New York, NY

1989 - “Artists in the Market Place” curated by Philip Verre, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY

1980 - “38th Western New York Show” Albright Knox Art Gallery; juried by Stephen S. Prokopoff (Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art; Boston, MA), receiving the Birge Wall Covering and the Reed Foundation Award; Buffalo, NY




2010-11 Collaborative experimental-art/anthropology-research project with Dr. Andrew Irving of the University of Manchester, UK.. Dr. Irving’s project is supported by a grant from the Wenner Gren Foundation. The project is entitled “New York Stories.”My collaborative role is to define, in a chronotopic approach, five events as a biographical journey that is, both,associated with the nature of silence and its impact on one’s sense of humanity. The aim of "New York Stories" is to understand and represent the ways in which different modes of inner expression —such as people’s ongoing interior dialogues, unarticulated moods, imaginative life-worlds and emotional reverie—come to constitute people’s lived experiences and social, cultural and material expressions but often remain hidden beneath the surface of public activities. The project can be seen as a multidisciplinary collaboration between academic research and five creative artists. The proposed outcomes will encompass a series of publications in leading international journals, and an ethnographic documentary.

1994-96- I volunteered to work in social services for Fundación Metaguardia, which I had both created and directed.Metaguardia was an informational and educational center in Valencia, Venezuela to help people suffering from terminal illness--particularly, though not exclusively, for those who were also indigent. The foundation considered compassion and cooperation as the highest form of intelligence in support of the afflicted. The goal was to create therapies that involved the concept of psychological revolution through the arts, which paralleled pro bono services by participating physicians. After bringing the Foundation’ s mission to the attention of various congressional and State commissions (Education, Health, Culture, and the Arts) in Venezuela, Metaguardia came closest to a national program when the Venezuelan Ministry of the Family decided to convert the proposed art-education programming into therapeutic craft-workshops. Though the foundation only endured from 1994 to 1996, for it could not survive the economic woes of Venezuela’s collapsing economy, it remains a topic of conversation in my artistic endeavors.



  2006-10 - Adjunct Professor at the Manhattan Pratt Institute, Center for Continuing and Professional Studies, Course: Pictorial Perspective: This course is intended to further develop drawing skills either as an artist, architect, and interior or product designer. It is meant to gain the foundation to draw in perspective and develop an intuitive approach to three-dimensional visualization. The course teaches the principles of geometry applied to perspective through an understanding of the Platonic solids. The course also offers multiple perspective methods, bearing in mind that a wide variety of pictorial approaches will guarantee masterful results. Exercises are either freehand, as a conceptual approach to a three-dimensional space or derived from a given ground plan, section and elevation. Each class introduces drawing exercises as well as demonstrations, including a survey of techniques of representation. Topics include: Shortcuts to Establishing a Point of View from a Ground Plan and Calculating Diminishing Sizes in Scale; Easy and Effective Ways to Generating your Ideas for Exteriors and Interiors; Textural Values and Composition; Theatricality and Ambiguity in Pictorial Perspective.



Body Positive Magazine: Dec. 1999, Virtual Gallery, Vol. XII, #12-pp 38 (interview and profile)

The Village Voice: July 25, 1989 (Bronx Museum for the Arts by Arleen Raven)

New York Times: July 22, 1989 (Bronx Museum by Vivian Raynor

El Nacional: Jul. 28, 1996, (Art Notes), Caracas, Venezuela.

Benjamin Ivry, poet, introduces in Sept 1992 Ricardo Morin’s one-man show invitation.

El Universal: September 24, 1992, editorial art section review by Maritza Jiménez, Caracas, Venezuela.

El Carabobeño: September 4, 1992 (Review); April 23, 1980 (Profile); May 16 1980 (Award from the Albright Knox Art Gallery); August 5, 1980 (Profile), Valencia, Venezuela

Buffalo Courier Express: March 30, 1980 ('Winners of the Western New York Show' reviewed by Richard Huntington); March 8 , 1980 (Art Notes)

Buffalo Evening News: October 17, 1979 (Art Notes); October 25, 1979 (Art Notes); March 30, 1980 (Art Notes)

Magnet (a publication of the Office of Cultural Affairs): September 18, 1980, Art Notes, Bufflo., NY

El Regional: August 10, 1980 (Profile); April 30, 1974, Valencia, Venezuela




1987 - Appraisers Association of America, New York, NY; Buffalo Series 1980 appraised by Executive Director, Victor Weiner.





2001-02- Certificates: Using Maya and Post-Production Effects from the Center for Advanced Digital Applications [CADA] of the University of New York; and AUTOCAD from Continued Education of the University of New York.

1980-1983-.M.F.A., Stage Design, School of Drama, Yale University

1977-80- B.F.A., majored in Studio Painting, Art Department., State University of New York at Buffalo.




2009 - Materials Grant, Visual AIDS, New York City.

2006 - Materials Grant, Visual AIDS, New York City.

2003 - Materials Grant, Visual AIDS, New York City.

2000-02 - VESID Rehabilitation Grant, New York City.

1997-2010 - Subsistence Support, the Actors’ Fund of America

1989 - Artists in the Market Place Grant Program, the Bronx Museum of the Arts

1980-83 - Grant of the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Venezuelan Government.

1979-80 – Whittet B. L. Scholarship, SUNY Buffalo

1977-80 - Grant of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Venezuela

1977-79 - Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, SUNY Buffalo. USA





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